Publishing for Photographers

This is a great time for photographers to publish their work in a fine art book.  The rapid evolution of digital printing has allowed companies like Lulu and Blurb to offer print on demand book printing to artists and photographers.  With print on demand, there is no inventory of books, each book is printed when ordered and the quality is similar to the press books you may make for your wedding or other photography clients.

But print on demand is very limited in the custom features for your book:  half-dust jackets, french flaps, combined color and black and white plates and custom end sheets are not available and your costs for a print on demand book can sometimes price you out of a traditional retail sales model.  A hardcover 100 page large format art book may cost more than $100*(Blurb online pricing guide, December 2016) before your profit margin and delivery.

If your project will print  fewer than 30 books, print on demand is often the best way to go.

Offset printing, is by far the most economical if you have a print run of 1500  copies or more.  But to do that means you need to pay for those books in advance and warehouse them until they sell.

Custom features in short run printing.

If you plan on printing between 50 and 3000 copies of your book, Two Mile Ranch can handle the entire process from concept to editorial, proofreading and custom features, often for less finished cost per copy that doing it yourself using print on demand.

We act as publisher, but you remain in charge of the project and retain all of your copyright as well  as 100% of your sales royalties.  We take care of the technical details, the file specifications, the Library of Congress registration, Copyright filing, and ISBN registration on your behalf.