Publishing for New Authors


I’m thrilled you are ready to share your work and publish.  And that’s true whether you are publishing the next great American novel, a retrospective of your finest photography, or writing the family history for 30 relatives.  Now, more than ever, the publishing and preserving of our stories is vital.

So you may be wondering, we do we begin?  Simply, let’s break the process into three stages:

Produce :: Publish :: Promote

Others may  complicate the process, but I’ve found in my work with authors and it is really these three simple steps.


That’s your work.  Your creative vision and ideas curated and edited, and now ready to share.  It’s a collection of images, a memoir of your life, recipe is and memories of your grand mother, or the strategies for success.  The produce phase is the part that differs most from project to project.  Some projects come together in a week, others can be decades in the making.  There is no “right” about of time, but when you are done, now is the time to publish.


This is what I do for you at Two Mile Ranch.  We take your creation and then work with you to design the perfect cover, and the perfect layout for the interior pages.  We help you create the book jacket copy and the marketing blurbs and descriptions.  I can’t tell you how many authors who have said writing a 90,000 word novel wasn’t as near as difficult as the 100 word summary!

We take care of the publishing administrative details:  ISBN number registration, Library of Congress registration, Copyright registration.  If you will be selling on a mass market basis:  set up and coordination with distribution channels including Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and independent book stores via Ingram.

We help you set a fair price and depending on the distribution options you choose, set up vendor accounts on your behalf.  At all times, you are in 100% control of all  revenues and book sales.  You receive 100% of your royalties from day one.


No one can predict or promise book sales.  As an author and creator, you know that you are the personal responsible for the ultimate sales of your book.  Even with large-scale publishers, they provide the initial costs of creating your book and some initial help marketing, but the weight of marketing falls on the author.

We can help.

We can assist with preparing promotional materials for your use and set up promotion and author profiles on the most visible author and book web sites.

It is essential that you, as author understand that  no matter where you publish your work, sales and promotion will be largely left to you.