Publish your work with us

Two Mile Ranch is always interested in hearing from established authors and new authors with exciting projects.  If you are ready to publish, or are thinking about publishing, let’s talk.

My name is F.R. “Fritz” Nordengren and I want to help you publish your work.

I started Two Mile Ranch as a publishing company, working with established and new authors.  We help you share your work in photography, arts, and faith. We fill the gap between do-it-yourself self publishing and large scale publishers, giving authors and artists access to high-end book, and custom magazine features and quality printing while retaining 100% of their copyrights and 100% of their royalties.

I’ve published my own books and worked with others as they navigated the complicated and sometimes lonely process of bringing their work to market.

If you are ready to publish or are thinking about publishing, I think we should talk.  Let’s look at your options and see if we’re a good fit creatively.