Staying at Two Mile Over the Holidays

Moonrise over the cabin at Two Mile Ranch
Moonrise over the cabin at Two Mile Ranch

Autumn is fast on us and I’ve had a couple of questions about staying at Two Mile over the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

The short answer is yes, you may stay and as of this writing, some of the dates are open. I can make some special arrangements,too. I can be flexible with a start date for a week.

Ordinarily, you would stay Sunday noon through Saturday noon,  and those weeks would include staying on the holiday and you are very welcome to do it. But let me know what fits your needs.

Thanksgiving Thursday, November 28 thru Sunday is reserved, but the first half of that week is open.

For Christmas, you could start your visit mid-week on the 26th.

For non Iowans, November and December in southern Iowa are usually mild weather, we often don’t have snow (that sticks) until January.  The moon photo with this post was taken December 12, 2009, you can see no snow and the pond hasn’t frozen over.