About the Iowa Writer’s Retreat


A  dog trot style cabin in southern Iowa for graduate students, authors and creative people to get away to work… a green, sustainable ranch retreat, far from noise, distractions, and close to major hubs.

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – November) reservations are filled, I still have openings July, August and early September.
Accepting reservations up to 1 year in advance.

The writer’s retreat includes 80 acres of rolling hills in southern Iowa, just off a paved, county road.  It’s small, comfortable, and the perfect environment for writers and creative artists, photographers, and song writers.

A spacious, 700 square foot two room cabin and sleeping lofts with views of ponds and pasture outfitted with high-speed internet, a collection of writer’s guides and references, printer and large poster pads and markers.  It is ideal for graduate students writing class projects, thesis, dissertations and capstones.  Grant writers, annual report authors, and professionals who need a space to dedicate to a project are welcome and will enjoy the ability to focus and create.

The cabin includes a private kitchen and personal, private bath space make your stay comfortable and self sufficient.  (Thoreau may have hiked to the outhouse for inspiration at Walden, you don’t have to!) You are free to work, eat, rest on your own schedule with no other guests to disturb you.

Surrounding the barn are trails, conservation habitat and pasture to explore for inspiration.  There are two ponds where the  ducks and geese spend parts of their days.

The ranch releases Ringneck pheasant and ethically raises, chickens, turkeys and ducks antibiotic free, on pasture.

The stove and sink with built in drainer.  Easy cooking for one or a dozen.


There is a country kitchen for your use in the cabin. The kitchen includes a 6 burner stove and oven, you can cook and create to your hearts desire.  Don’t want to cook? There is also a microwave oven and a freezer big enough to hold a week’s worth of Lean Cuisine.  There is a small-town restaurant 5 minutes away, and a college town with grocery stores, local coffee shops and pizza joints just over the hill about 15 minutes by car.


The insulated cabin is heated and cooled and you may enjoy  an outdoor fire pit for cooking or warming on a cool night. There is a private bath with shower.

Reserve Pre Opening at a Special Rate Today

I need your help, the retreat is ready to go, but I’m still making some improvements.  If you’re eager to stay before the official opening, I’ll give you a discounted rate for $599 for the week.  I don’t have a fancy, online reservation system yet, so choose the dates from the calendar below….you need to click each day you wish to stay.

Questions?  email  or phone and we can do this the old-school way.

email:  write@twomileranch.com

Call me:  Fritz Nordengren
Phone (641) 773 5363


Two Mile Ranch is located between Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City Missouri, near Interstate 35.  Travelers may take I-35,  fly into Kansas City or Des Moines, or AMTRAK into Osceola, Iowa.

There is on site parking, pick up  from AMTRAK, Des Moines or Kansas City is available.