You can crazy wall here

You can crazy wall here

One of the fun things I’ve included in the writer’s retreat is supplies to make it easy for you to crazy wall your work.

If you’ve read Concealed, you know that the lead character, Joshua Stone, begins a simple crazy wall that unfortunately grows beyond both the wall and his ability to comprehend it all — but hey, who hasn’t been there with a project?

804_2_0_prm-wallpape35FF84_1024x768Crazy walls have been around since early petroglyphs, but maybe the huge popularity of “Homeland”  and Carrie Matheson’s crazy wall , the creative aid has been rediscovered and perhaps moving towards meme fame.

So back to Two Mile and the Writer’s Retreat.  You’ll have one of those giant Post-it style easel pads and feel free to write on them and stick them to the walls as needed.  There’s  a giant roll of paper that you can use to work on over the desk or take it to the wall and let it flow to the ground.




Fritz Nordengren