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My girl and her ball

Zinger, playing ball.


Merry Christmas – The Beatitudes of the Pilgrim

As many of you know, I walked a 620 mile pilgrimage this fall, the Camino de Compostela de Santiago (The Way of Saint James). As my Christmas card to friends, followers, fellow pilgrims, and fans of my writing, I share these Beatitudes of the Pilgrim.  I received these as a gift in a small church in Zalbidika, between Zubiri and…

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Digging in the archives – Viet Nam

While going through some digital archive, I came across these low rez scans from my first trip to Viet Nam in 1997. I think I’ll see if I can hunt down the original images.

IMG_20141205_103648 (1)

The neighbors walked over for a visit

Seven mares stopped by after escaping their pasture for a quick walk around.

The Roman bridge at Hospital de Obrigo

Photos from the Camino

When I hiked the Camino de Santiago – The Way of St. James in fall of 2013, I decided to leave my camera and cell phone behind.  To let friends and family know I was okay, I asked fellow pilgrims to take a picture of me each day and to email them to an address…

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KolbyRaeEaringKickstarter copy

Kolby Rae is in your bookstore

Meet a friend of mine, Kolby Rae.  I think you’ll like her.  I’ve spent most of the past year with her. She’s the title character of my new novel, available at Amazon & Nook online, and in bricks and mortar book stores this week. It’s been a great year. I’m thrilled to share that Kolby Rae…

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Super Bowl trivia – how many football fields fit in Two Mile Ranch?

How big is 80 acres?  Here is a quick comparison for reference. Two Mile Ranch is a rectangle of 80 acres. One acre is 43,560 square feet. 80 acres is 3,484,800 square feet. 80 acres is 1/8 of a square mile (a section, 640 acres, is a square mile) If you picture a rectangle, 80 acres…

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I’d like it if you buy my book. You’ll like it if you wait until Monday . $0.99 sale begins at Amazon, Nook, Apple and Google.

I’d like it if you buy my book.  You’ll like it if you wait until Monday’s $0.99 sale begins at Amazon, Nook, Apple and Google. The ebook edition of Concealed: The Book of Joshua is on sale beginning Monday for .99.  It’s a gift and thank you for my friends and hint of some exciting…

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