At age 53, Fritz Nordengren walked 620 miles in 40 days. Beginning at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in France, he walked in the centuries-old footsteps of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. – The Way of Saint James.  When  he reached the Cathedral in Santiago, he continued to the “end of the world,” Finesterre and Muxia, before returning to Santiago on day 40.

About Every Step Is A Gift

What began as a solo retreat became a faith journey as he discovered strangers who freely gave help and fellow pilgrims who became partners. In their quiet walks, the important spiritual voices grew louder. He shares the faith he found, the friends he made, and the food they enjoyed.

In Every Step is a Gift, Nordengren writes 40 letters to his children, sharing lessons learned on his journey and ultimately, his decision to become a candidate in the Catholic church.  An ideal read for those looking for 40 days of inspiration and those interested in the Camino experience.


About Kolby Rae

He’s unplugged and she’s connected. When they become lovers, it changes both of their lives for the better, until a journalist digs deeper into the past. As the public spotlight shines brightly on their relationship, they struggle with the public and private questions of who they are.

She is Nashville singer-songwriter Kolby Rae, who wrote the best-selling country song of the last 20 years. The record label loved it so much, they told her to let another singer make it a hit. Nine million sales later, the other singer is singing in stadiums. Kolby Rae, after four unsuccessful albums, is leading her quirky band, loyal manager, and rookie sound engineer to a Tennessee farm to self-produce another record. She’s smart, pretty, talented, and still trying to figure out how to get it right.

He is former professor Joshua Stone who is haunted by an unread letter from a dead colleague. Each morning, he sets the pink envelope aside to open another day. Pursued by the journalist in the aftermath of the campus tragedy that killed his friend, Stone is staying in a small cabin on the same Tennessee farm.

Kolby Rae is a contemporary story about fame and public lives. The reader gets an All-Access pass view of life backstage and on the tour bus, as she balances performing and crowdfunding a new album. A romantic story, written with strong characters and rich personal dialogue, Kolby Rae reflects the love between two adults in an ever-connected world.


About Concealed: The Book of Joshua

In a quintessential small Midwestern town, Professor Joshua Stone is a popular, outgoing, and quirky professor at Grant’s Hill College. He lives alone with his dog, rides a bicycle everywhere, and has memorized the high school mascot names of his students.  He’s a 3-on-3-basketball player and fan who’s insular life centers around his teaching. Joshua confronts his demons while recovering from an unprovoked near-death attack. His search for an elusive witness challenges his instinctive moral and ethical compass. Woven through a gripping storyline is one man’s quest to find strength and courage. Joshua is plucked from the cocoon of teaching English composition at a small liberal arts college and thrust in to survival mode, seeking a logical explanation for the irrational violence.

About F.R. “Fritz” Nordengren

I’ve traveled in 19 countries and in 2013, I walked a 40 day pilgrimage.  The 1000km (621 mile) walk included the Camino de Santiago — The Way of St James.  My book about that pilgrimage, Every Step Is a Gift: Letters to my children from the Camino de Santiago is an Amazon best seller.

My novels are Concealed – The Book of Joshuapublished in 2013, and the follow-up, Kolby Rae published in 2014. A third novel in the series is underway.

In earlier work, I co-founded a non-profit organization producing documentary photojournalism for a select group of NGOs including two Nobel Prize-nominated charities. I was an early pioneer in producing Internet-based multimedia storytelling projects in the 1990s. My first commercial Web site for a client launched in 1994.

I was twice picked as one of the Top 100 Producers by AV Video/Multimedia Producer magazine, and recognized by the National Press Photographers Association and 4 times by USA Today.

During my career I’ve been an assistant professor; the program director of a paramedic training program; vice president of a multi-million dollar advertising agency; president of my own consulting firm. I’m certified as both a paramedic and a firearms instructor.

As an academic, I focused on the topics of learning styles, evidence-based practice, and the role gender plays in healthcare leadership. I taught courses in food policy and public health, healthcare leadership, and lectured nationally on change leadership. I was the lead curriculum developer for a hybrid online and face-to-face graduate degree program.

I built the dog trot cabin at Two Mile Ranch, from the first floor joist to the final ceiling board. When not writing,  I raise pastured ducks, geese, chickens and grow and release pheasants to grassland habitat.